You Can’t Go Through Life Without Encountering an Autistic Person

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The true me
Is that what I need to hide
I need to mask me
But who am I inside

We Did Try.

Our book of art and poetry will help you understand, appreciate and see the life challenges of autism, from the perspective of people on the spectrum.

Our work is based on our deep and intimate experience with real people: autistic children and adults aged 0 to 30. It's first hand research based on these experiences. These are our kids, friends and colleagues. Our "living science" is validated by professionals from the field of psychology.

We Are…

You look at me. Try to capture my Who’s and Why’s
I'm not available to be understood, but can you try?

Our book provides personal and professional insights to help readers better understand autism and offers practical tips and advice on diagnosis, communication, and behavior. Additionally, it delves into the emotional journey of families and caregivers and offers a comprehensive guide to navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of life with autism.

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