About Us

The stories in this book are real. We have lived in the world of autism as parents, grandparents, mentors, friends and psychologists.
Our goal is to explain the world of autism through art and poetry

The team of authors and artists brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this book, sharing their insights with you. Joyce Foskin, Irena Rose Picard, and Rod Parker all have personal connections to the autism community, which inspired them to come together and create a unique way to help readers gain a deeper understanding of individuals on the autism spectrum.


Joyce, a parent of an autistic daughter, is an artist and published author. She understands the emotional journey of families and caregivers of those on the autism spectrum, and shares her personal experiences and insights in the book.


Irena, a poet and psychologist, has autistic friends and colleagues. Her professional expertise and personal connections give her a unique perspective on autism, which she shares in the book.


Rod, a parent of autistic children, is a mentor and creative director. He offers practical advice and guidance to help families navigate the challenges of raising children on the spectrum.

Being different isn't something wrong or bad. It is normal for many and comes with challenges that most people are not used to.

These stories encourage everyone to listen and be sensitive to other people's realities.

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